Cheesy font

A little while ago I met Isabel Greenberg at Thought Bubble in Leeds, she had just finished her new book The Encyclopedia of Early Earth, which is beautiful, and when reading it at home I noticed her handwritey-font looked very authentic, so I wanted to have a crack at making my own too... only with cheesiness (I don't know why. I think it's because my own handwriting is boring!)


It started with this sharpie doodle ages ago. I'd just made a butternut-squash-lasagne and shoved it into my face, and wanted to declare my love for it forever. Then just really wanted this lettering to become a typeface!


The more you get into type design the pickier you become! There are still a lot of things I want to clean up here in this test with friends and family names - For example the 's' 'a' 'r' and 'n' characters need contextual alternates of some sort, so that it doesn't connect at the end of sentences. It would be nice too to have alternates for reeeeeeeally drippy 'y''s that would work nicely for large display stuff too. The 'l' in 'Chappell' doesn't quuuuiiiiiite connect properly yet, and some of the tracking with that 't' works well in some examples and poorly in others.


Then that got me thinking that this font would be completely illegible if it were used too small, anything under 14px would look naff and if someone used it for a body of text it would look like your eyes were bleeding. So then I thought about just releasing a Smallcaps version instead, for legibility purposes and so it could be used better, whilst I work on the drippy lowercase version.

Aim is by the end of the summer this will be a real typeface! I don't reckon i'll charge anything for it, mainly because I have no idea what i'm doing and am just playing, I'm no Type foundry and have way too much respect for Type designers! By typeface standards it breaks about a million rules, but it's pretty fun making your own fonts, Dan Berry does it too!