SIDE PROJECT: It started with a Cliiiff...

Hi. This is my first ever blog. If it is naff I apologise.

Back in December, I decided to have a go at Skwigly's advent calendar with a Cliff Richard calendar Gif entitled 'Merry Cliffmas', shortly after, I thought it would be fun to pitch a gif project for Arcus - and after much pleading and convincing that yes I knew we were busy and yes I wanted to do it anyway and just because it's Christmaaaaaas...I was given the go ahead.

Shoulders sideways. Smack it. Smack it. It the air.

Shoulders sideways. Smack it. Smack it. It the air.

Miguel even gave me the title of project manager but that felt weird, so we didn't have 'meetings', we simply sat together for a short amount of time talking about the project...Not a meeting.

Alex Davy alien

To start off with it was a pretty ridiculous idea as we were already really busy at work, and my little mumblings of "I can just do it in the evenings" was swatted away in favour of rather than me illustrate and animate 12 gifs on my own, the whole team wanted to pitch in!

Alex Davy Die Hard

Which actually turned out really nicely! I got to work on my After Effects skills and am now much better than before, Miguel the studio manager had a crack at his first ever animation and it was amazing, and newcomer Nick got to animate Rudolph peeing against a tree as one of his first ever projects, which surely is everyone's dream job.


Newbie Nick's cute animation

Newbie Nick's cute animation

It also meant big boss James could crack on with his work and leave Christmas in the hands of all of us, which was a nice level of trust. In fact most of the time James' input was to look over my shoulder, cackle, then go back to his desk.

Alex Davy snowglobe

The constraints were; 2/3 seconds long, keep it simple, loop, and 400 x 300 in size so they would upload to dribbble nicely. You can see the whole bunch on our dribbble page here. It was really fun! I'm going to keep gif-making and hopefully morph myself into the realms of super talented Rebecca Mock! (Need a bit more practice though)